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Larry Hann, Real Estate Agent St. John's, NL  

Larry Hann - Realtor®

Lead Agent / New Home Construction Buyers Agent ®

The core of the team, Larry is a multiple award winning, experienced Realtor® who savours the fast pace of real estate and the warm relationships that can be built with clients.

Larry, like everyone on the Hann Group team, approaches real estate with sincerity. The process of buying or selling real estate should be a pleasant and worthwhile experience and he take all measures to make sure the integrity of the process is preserved. It's important to him and that is why he has built a name in real estate. For Larry, it really is much more than a job — it is a lifestyle and total commitment. It is that commitment that sees him through late nights and weekend work; he chooses to be there when clients, some from around the globe, need him.

Call Larry today to assist you with your home search, evaluate the value of your home, or simply answer your real estate related questions.

To reach Larry, call 709 237 7653 or email, Cell 709 728 1169

Dan Lehr, Real Estate Agent St. John's, NL  

Dan Lehr - Realtor®

Agent / New Home Construction Buyers Agent®

Real estate is not just about properties. It's about people. Dan has a lengthy service industry background, in which he grew a reputation for approachability and dedication to excellent service. He is a listener; He wants to understand each client's needs. Buying or selling a home, after all, is a very personal matter.

But he's not all softness. Dan studied marketing, and through it picked up some very tight negotiating skills, which are vital in real estate. Superior negotiating will get you the best deal possible on your new home purchase. When buying a home, it's important to have a skilled friend working for you.

You will want to at least meet Dan. He’s ready to put his skills, real estate experience, and ethics to work on your behalf, to make your home buying/selling experience as pleasant and successful as possible.

To reach Dan, call 709 765 8388 or email


Glenys Moss Home Staging St. John's, NL  

Glenys Moss

Business Development / Home Stager ASP® Staging Diva® Graduate

A true real estate ‘Jacqueline of all trades’, Glenys has bought, sold and renovated properties for over 25 years. She was even a card-carrying member of the Carpenters Union at one time! These days Glenys helps build and maintain The Hann Group websites, researches the real estate industry tirelessly, and has a big hand in business planning, development and marketing.

Most importantly, she advises Hann Group clients how to successfully stage their homes to showcase their properties and increase buyer interest.

As a professional home stager, Glenys will help you properly prepare your home for the market by completing a thorough home walk-through and discussing best practices and easy improvement points with you. She will also provide you with a worksheet to use while you prep your home to make it stand out from the competition. Once your home is prepped, Glenys will take wonderful photographs to highlight its best features and selling points. Top notch staging, getting the 'money shots' — the all-important tools we know from experience net the very best property sale prices.

To speak to Glenys, call 709 754 5613


Scott Mansfield, Real Estate Agent St. John's  

Scott Mansfield – Realtor®

Scott is a multi-talented guy with a passion for real estate. He’s spent the last 10 years focused on real estate investing and development. His experience includes property management, renovations, land development and new home construction. With such a wealth of knowledge under his belt becoming a Realtor® was the next logical step. Scott would like to offer you the benefit of his extensive knowledge of the market in the St. John's and metro area, in an honest and straight forward manner. He advises all his clients from a first person sales pitch ... just honest advice from an experienced industry professional. In a busy and complicated market, he will steer you in the right direction for all your real estate pursuits.

Scott and his wife Linda are co-owners and operators of Homeworx Modular Home Systems, an award winning builder specializing in energy efficient manufactured homes, from the most affordable to highest in luxury. This very valuable experience is a bonus for his Hann Group clients. Scott Manfield really knows a lot about homes. 

If you need assistance and/or advice on selling your home, buying a home, or building a new home,

call 709 743 5448 or email



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