Larry Hann, a St. John’s real estate agent compiled these screening tips to help you to rent your apartment or house to respectful, dependable tenants. Remember, back in the good old days, when owning a rental property was a smart way to boost your lifestyle. Tenants were generally respectful, and you didn’t fear that they would destroy your rental property or not pay rent and refuse to move out.

Those days are gone. Landlords routinely run across some real bad actors and end up having to deal with property damage, thousands in lost rent, in addition to verbal and physical abuse. These days smart landlords rigorously screen potential tenants to weed out the bad actors.

Landlords can ask for the following information in compliance with the Landlord…

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Let's say you're in the market for a new home in, or around St. John's. You spend every night desperately scanning the internet for your dream home. Finally, you come across a property that is, "just what you're looking for".

If you have a Buyer's Agent, call them. If your Agent is unavailable, check to see if they have another agent tasked to look after their clients (most will). Many people assume that if they see a desirable home they should call the Agent on the listing sign. This is an all too common mistake. When you call the Listing Agent, you are actually calling the Agent who represents the vendor first. That Agent may try and represent both the vendor and your purchase of the home. A practice known in Newfoundland as a double ending. While…

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This week’s sunny days encouraged me to get out for a few evening strolls. To avoid the hustle and bustle on the walking trails, I decided to take a nose around one of the cities up and coming neighbourhoods. Now that the fog has cleared, the sun is shining its light on many places often forgotten. One of these places for me is the neighbourhood around Mundy Pond.

Mundy Pond Neighbourhood: Urban Planning at its Accidental Best

Mundy Pond is surrounded by on of Grand Concourse walking trails. The Mundy Pond Trail is complete with picnic tables, a boat launch, seating areas, and even a miniature stone castle. The neighbourhood has a lot to offer. Its mix of residential and commercial properties makes the area quite walkable. Imagine living in a place…

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